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Wireless Festival

I went to the Wireless Festival yesterday and had a marvellous time. Brendon Benson was a revelation, absolute rock rifferey with some great tunes. Most of the other bands fitted into one of the following categories though; ‘We dress like World War Two Evacuees, wear our guitars quite high up, have angular hair, angular chords and sound like Franz Ferdinand’ or ‘We have big hair, MC5esque Clothing and play one chord at a gradually increasing volume a la Spiritualised’

Worthy exceptions to the rule were ‘Echo And The Bunnymen’ ‘are we cool again? Liam stole my moves’

Rufus Wainright. Love his voice and his general campery

James Blunt ‘ During my set I will magically make every middle aged man with his top off clasp his wife/Girlfriend from behind and sway gently. ARRGGGGGHHH

Supergrass ‘there’s the hits, where’s the cheque’. shame

Special vitriol has to be saved for Keane. First of all, they have all the basslines on tape. Get a bass player you tight wads. The Moon faced ruddy cheeked trainee farmer of a singer had all the Charisma of an Actuary.

They obviously went down a storm (unfortunately none of them were struck by lightning). It sounds harsh I know. The guy has a brilliant voice but the songs were like a GM version of Travplay designed only to push the ‘singalong’ button in the crowd.

There was a great article in the Guardian last week about the death of lyrics. I think it’s true that a lot of the anthemic bands that sell by Bucketloads (AthletePatrolplaykeanefeeder) don’t really have much of anything to say.

I’m determined to write a song on the Next Farrah album which says nothing. All I know is that it has to be very slow (played on Piano but not a grand Piano, an upright Piano like we had at school) with a throbbing bassline, earnestly mention big things such as Clouds, sky, space, human race, day, night, light, fight and some words like exhale,shine, automatic, reveal and then have a falsetto chorus with big floaty chimy U2 like chords…….

Let’s get to it, then get it in Asda….

Jez x

P.S If you disagree with my comments please get a lively debate on the board going!