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Hello everyone, i hope all is well with you all. We had an amazing weekend playing at Yokahama arena on saturday night, partying until late and then playing a sold out gig in Tokyo`s trendy Shinjuku area on Sunday.

Saturday was a blast, i have to admit that my heart was going like a jack hammer before we went on stage but once we were up there and saw 10000 people clapping along, it was an experience i won`t forget. The actual show was a bit of a blur. We went out the day before and bought extremely long guitar leads for Andy and michelle so they spent the whole set running around and throwing rock poses. We signed a lot of CDs and T shirts, watched an amazing set from asian kung Fu Generation and then went to a great aftershow party with all the other bands. Time Wheeler was a lovely (if a bit jetlagged) bloke. The rest of Ash liked a drink or two….. or seven

Now i`m exploring this amazing country for a few days. Kyoto today, Osaka tomorrow

lots of love


The show at Red Cloth was Amazing as well. So many familiar faces and some brand new fans. We let the audience choose the set by picking names out of a hat. It was a rip roaring success.

As always we were looked after magnificently by Nobu and his friends.