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Je suis tres fatigue!

huge beer

Which of course translates to ‘I’m knackered’. We got back this morning from a whistle stop weekend in Glorious France. 1st stop was a festival in Albi (about an hour from Toulouse for those geographically intrigued). It was the first time we’d played in that region and we were showed a fantastic time by David (who picked us up from the airport) to Benjy, who was the promoter of the show. After the gig we pleaded exhaustion but were persuaded to go for a ‘small’ drink. 2 hours later after drinking our own weight in beer, whisky and home made cocktails; we staggered out of Albi’s premier night club suitably refreshed! Thanks Benjy and special thanks to the guy who stripped naked every time someone sang ‘happy birthday’.

The next day was an early start to catch the plane to Paris. One of us was very hungover….Olivier, the boss of our French record company. He decorated the airport car park in Bon Scott fashion. He’s more rock and roll than us!

The gig in Paris was on a boat. This is the second time we’ve played on a boat on the Seine. It’s quite unusual turning up at sound-check and then waiting for the gig to arrive. It was fantastic to meet up with all our Farrah’s angels friends who worked so hard to promote the gig. It is really worth checking out their fantastic French site (there is a link on the front page of the Farrah site). The cartoons of the band are far better looking than we are in real life.

We played our hearts out and although we had a few technical problems and a mild case of scurvy, we had a great time on stage. I think some of the audience now know the lyrics better than me. They certainly seemed amused by my tenuous grasp of French.

We’re all hoping that Olivier is going top book us a gig on a submarine next – or even a motorbike!

I hope all of you are having a great weekend.

I must sleep now

A bientot