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Leaves are falling from the trees

Hello out there and Autumnal greetings to you all.

I hope all of you are well. I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to. Firstly, we’ve been organising the Studio we use for Farrah recordings with Jimmy K (who runs the studio and is an all round top bloke). Mike has got a new drum kit which cost an arm and a leg but looks very snazzy. Me and Andy are going into the studio tomorrow to start learning how Protools (a computer software recording package) works so we can record the next record.

I’ve been doing some co writing over the last few weeks with various people which has been good fun. I wrote a couple of pop songs with Duncan (who used to be in Blue!) and he was a really nice guy. I also produced a track for Michelle Mcmanus. They were filming a ‘you are what you eat’ Christmas special about her when we were in the studio. You might even see an interview with me on the telly. She was really down to earth and had a great voice. She’s lost 7 stone in a year. For all you diet fans out there, the secret is not drinking, not eating much and exercising a lot. Shame.

I went to see one of my favourite songwriters- John Prine- play at the Shepherds Bush Empire. I love his lyrics, he’s an old guy who sounds a bit like Dylan. This week I went to see Tracy Bonham play the Borderline. She’s an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/violinist/guitarist and keyboard player from Boston.

I wrote a couple of bad songs with her once, which thankfully she didn’t play that night.

Farrah ideas are still germinating. I’m going up to my mums house for a week to work on the lyrics. I have a lot of stupid ideas about what the record should be called. These are the worst so far.

Flying Ant Day

Hunter, Prey

Lou Ferrigno Hair

Dumb Dumb Ditties