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please no more more lime and soda, PLEASE.

Hello all, I hope it’s going well out there. Just wanted to tell you that we’re in the studio tomorrow and we will hopefully have the webcam switched on.

It is now 18 days since I had an alcoholic drink. It’s an interesting experiment I try every January. ‘Is life worth living without Guinness?, every year I seem to get a resounding ‘no’ feeling.

As someone cleverer than me once said: ‘If I gave up everything that made life worth living, I’d live for another 10 years’

I must admit that having no other reason to exist other than making music has upped my work rate quite considerably though!

When all is said and done we all have to admit that January is a particularly crap month (apologies to all those who have a sparsely attended birthday this month), everyone is poor and depressed after using up a years worth of liver damage and fun at Christmas. The one silver lining is that I’ll be playing my acoustic tomorrow. Tune in if you can.

Goodnight Vienna