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'toolsing it

Hello all, it’s good to know you’ve been tuning in on the webcam! The recording is going well. Mike’s new DW kit sounds awesome and the mesa boogie amp we’ve been playing with makes my trousers flap. We’re recording using protools which we’re learning as we go along. Today we’re recording a song called ‘No One Stays Together’. It’s a breezy tune with a west coast feel.

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Album shenanigans

Hello all, I’m heading down to the studio today to record some guitars with Andy. It’s always an interesting experience when you get involved in a new album. It’s been really fun so far. My diet now seems to be completely biscuit based.

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Jez x

under pressure

hello everyone, I’m in the studio today and waiting for Mike to come and rehearse a new song for the record. We’re already behind schedule but I promise you we’re going to deliver an amazing album. Keep watching the webcam for thrilling stills from the control room