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International Jetsetters

Jez and I have just got back from a secret 4 day trip to Japan…the secret being a brief acoustic performance by Jez at the wedding of our label boss Nobu and his beautiful wife Ikumi in Tokyo! People were – to say the least – surprised when Jez appeared! He played “Tongue Tied”, “Say It Again” and “First And Last” to a relaxed and refreshed crowd, just after some Hawaiian dancers and before the cake. The reception was held at an amazing venue which looked like a James Bond villain’s lair complete with a massive koi carp pool, which also contained huge catfish, and what looked like golden sturgeon and pike. We also met up with our fantastic music publisher June at Sony ( thanks for lunch! ), who introduced us to Kaela Kimura – she is a huge star in Japan and has named “StopGap Product” as one of her favourite albums. So we went along to watch her rehearse and say thanks. We also met up with a big Japanese promoter to discuss some shows later this year, and with our friend Takeshi ( thanks for dinner! ) who looked after the band amazingly well at Nano-Mugen last year. All in all, an amazing whistle-stop visit to this stunning city..photos may follow shortly! We will return as soon as we can.

double up


Jez Vocals


we have a deadline on wednesday this week. we’ve got to get 3 songs finished so the wheels of industry can stir into action and start the promotional & business stuff for the album.

obviously, we’re running late so this weekend we’ve been using 2 studios. Today Jez is working in “Studio A” doing vocals and bv’s and i’m in “Studio B” doing keyboards. It’s 12.20am and we’re still at it….

can’t see us getting much sleep this week.




Hey all,

Having had most of the fun so far recording drums, my new DW kit sound ace, it’s now time for Jez and Andy to make my ears bleed for a change. I can’t understand how it takes so long to choose which guitar through which amp using which mic, but it keeps them happy…and it ends up sounding great.

As we don’t have that much time…can you hurry up guys?

Can’t wait to get out on the road and play the new tracks but our manager has us chained to the desk until the album gets finished.

See ya soon,

Mike x