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Radio Silence

Hello! Although things have been quiet on the news page of the Farrah website, things are buzzing away behind the scenes.

Farrah are in the studio working on their as-yet untitled third album. Recording is about 80% done and sounding great! They’re hoping to finish recording before The Bad Machines (with Michelle and Andy) head off on tour and Jez dispears over to Nashville later this month.

The band will then re-convene in Spain for 2 shows with The Bad Machines on the 5th and 6th of May before heading back to the UK to complete recording and mixing the album.

We can’t say for sure when the record will get released but it should, at the very least, be this year in most countries!!

Meanwhile, check out Michelle doing her thing on The Bad Machines European tour:

Keep tuning in on the web cam and don’t forget to say hello!