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The mighty Farrah touring machine grinds into action once again, today, Thursday 4 May. Bad Machines are / should be on a ludicrous train journey between Toulouse and Madrid which is so long – 13 hours – I can only assume that the train is stopping at Istanbul or somewhere. I myself, Farrah’s trusty manager, am lumbered with taking a spare bass on the plane to Madrid this afternoon and then, very late tonight, will no doubt perform the traditional managerial function of “getting the beers in”. Luckily I have an extensive knowledge of most places that serve fried food in that wonderful city very late at night. That also applies to most cities, to be honest.

Jez and Mike are flying in tomorrow, Jez no doubt sporting a pair of chaps and a Stetson, and Mike sporting a beard so voluminous it will be like having a wizard on drums. In strictly the beard sense. Nothing magical is going to happen. Do not, repeat, not buy a ticket for the show in the hope of seeing a real wizard. It’s just Mike. I myself will be testing some of Madrid’s finest cigar shops. My God they are cheap there. Hopefully I will purchase one so massive it will enter Copernico 5 minutes before I do.

So after rocking Madrid both bands then travel to Seville by van while I snooze in air-conditioned comfort on a luxurious Spanish train, ready to give Seville a proper seeing-to. Luckily our flight back is not until Sunday night so we will have the chance to (a) recover from the night before and (b) buy some marmalade / other orange-related produce. And I can ponder the time-honoured question – why is orange juice so ruddy expensive in Spain?

Spring is in the air, the new album is nearly done. All is well. To all those of you coming to the shows – Get Ready To Rock! Farrah are BACK…