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Art For Art’s Sake

I’m not sure who “Art” is and why he would willingly give up a glass of sake, but there you go. A brief update on progress. The band are now in the final throes – some might say death throes – of the artwork for the album so we can meet our delivery deadline in Japan and hopefully get the record out there sooner rather than later. The rest of the rest of the world will follow shortly afterwards ; I had a lovely managerial meeting with our Spanish label last weekend to discuss plans for the launch of the album there. We also discovered the that they have started to serve beer by the pint in Madrid which may explain why I can’t remember whatever cockamamie plan I agreed to.

Some live shows will of course follow once the band have actually learned to play all the new songs, which means definitely this century at some stage. My next task is to pound the streets of New York later this month, in search of an American release and also the ultimate burger.

More news as soon as we have a Japanese release date, and expect some new photos on the wite soon!


Will ( El Managero Grande )