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Live Dates 2007

Farrah - Cut Out And Keep

Touring plans for 2007 are taking shape with the announcement of a Japanese Tour in February in support of the release of “Cut Out & Keep” in Japan.

The band will play some low-key warm-up shows in the UK and hopefully Spain during January, playing lots of new material. Dates will be announced as soon as they are confirmed. Further shows in the UK and abroad are expected to be in April.

Japanese friends

Jez and Kaela Kimura

Hello everyone, I hope you are all in fine fettle. As you can see from the photos, Farrah had a very special guest at the studio. Kaela Kimura is a big star in Japan and Farrah happens to be one of her favourite bands. She flew over to write a song with me for her album, and to sing on a Farrah track. It was great fun introducing her english delicacies such as Flapjack and cumberland sausage flavoured crisps.

other news is that i have taken up running. I ran around the park near my house last week and found a gun in a bag! I think i must live in a rough area. Michelle is also insisting that i whoop her arse at badminton (very rock and roll). it’s quite good to have some leisure activity which doesn’t involve booze.

Next week we’re making a video for Fear Of Flying. We’ve got a really cool idea and the whole thing will take about a week to film (gulp!)

Keep checking the site for updates.

Cheerio for now