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Japanese friends

Jez and Kaela Kimura

Hello everyone, I hope you are all in fine fettle. As you can see from the photos, Farrah had a very special guest at the studio. Kaela Kimura is a big star in Japan and Farrah happens to be one of her favourite bands. She flew over to write a song with me for her album, and to sing on a Farrah track. It was great fun introducing her english delicacies such as Flapjack and cumberland sausage flavoured crisps.

other news is that i have taken up running. I ran around the park near my house last week and found a gun in a bag! I think i must live in a rough area. Michelle is also insisting that i whoop her arse at badminton (very rock and roll). it’s quite good to have some leisure activity which doesn’t involve booze.

Next week we’re making a video for Fear Of Flying. We’ve got a really cool idea and the whole thing will take about a week to film (gulp!)

Keep checking the site for updates.

Cheerio for now