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Burning the midnight oil…..

Opera House

The Coat Hanger

So here we are playing in our third continent in as many weeks. Our show was originally booked for last Friday but we were bumped off the bill because the guitarist from Midnight Oil stole our night. How Australian is that?!

It’s been cool in a way, as we’ve had chance to see the best this beautiful city has to offer and act like tourists for a few days. Michelle has been telling us for years that Sydney was ‘Oztopia’ and much as I wanted to be disappointed, I couldn’t really disagree. The climate is great. The food is excellent, it has beaches and bars galore, everyone is easy going and friendly. It makes you sick!

After a week of sleeping and drinking I was itching to get on stage again and the gig was great fun. We were supported by ‘The Gronks’ who include a few members of Montana (Michelle’s old band who are ace) and ‘The Ancient Marinators’ a Sydney band who had some great tunes. We were playing in a pub called ‘The Cat And Fiddle’ which was pretty full of pretty pissed people and I had a ball on stage.

I can’t believe it was the last gig of the tour and I have to endure a 24 hour flight to the U.K.

I really hope we have the chance to go back to Australia, it’s a fantastic place

Thanks Tokyo!

Superstar DJs

Fan tastic!

What an amazing show in Tokyo! Where do i start? Well firstly, we’d heard rumours that the show had been selling well as the tour progressed. When we got to the venue we we’re blown away. Unit held a few hundred people, had had a fantastic stage and great sound and lights. We arrived at the venue to see flowers sent to us from our friends in Asian Kung Fu Generation and from Sony Publishing. It’s so thoughtful. As soon as we hit the stage i knew it was going to be good fun. We played everything at punk speed and the audience were moshing along. Afterwards i was whisked off to do a show presented by Kaela Kimura. She is a huge star in Japan and i was lucky to write a couple of songs with her earlier this year. She also sang on ‘No Reason Why’ Her show was a real laugh. We sang live on air together on air which was a huge buzz even though i was a bit knackered as it was gone midnight. After the Radio show we headed to the Farrah aftershow party where Andrew had been DJiing to an intrigued (and possibly baffled crowd). there we so many lovely people there from the show who i had photos with. By 4 A.M i’d drunk enough to take over the wheels of steel to play an ill advised and eclectic mix (van halen anybody?) We staggered back to the hotel at 6.30 A.M after Michelle’s ‘Jazz dance’ interpretation of Xanadu. I was tragically pissed. BANZAI!


Okay, I admit it, I got pissed last night and have a mild hangover, which has been partly cured by eating noodles on the train platform. It was a late one last night and we had a great time.

Nagoya is a huge industrial sprawl and home to Japan’s Toyota factory. It’s about an hour from Tokyo on the train (we’re on our way to Tokyo for an in-store at Tower Records in Shinjuku today). The gig was the most rock ‘n’ roll we’ve encountered so far. The backstage toilet didn’t even have a warm seat. It was a tiny club but had a great vibe. I get the impression that Nagoya likes to rock, or perhaps to rockabilly. We didn’t have much time to explore but did encounter some guys dancing in the local square dressed head to toe in black leather and sporting astonishing quiffs. They’d set up some speakers in the square and were trading Elvis moves (including some back-flips and break-dancing). It all seemed quite surreal.

The first support band was MJ Classical, but I missed their set as I got lost from the hotel to the gig. The other support band, called Golden Goose, was an astonishingly good metal band (think of a more accomplished Iron Maiden played by 18 year olds). The musicianship was awesome and made us look very shabby by comparison.

We changed the set around a bit, which hopefully keeps it interesting for the fans that come to every show and it keeps us on our toes. We blasted through the songs at breakneck speed and the crowd was fantastic. The promoter, DJ Hideo, was a really cool guy and his wife Michiyo presented Steph and Michelle with beautiful sleeping eye masks she’d made herself. Every member of the band was also given gorgeous lucky rocks and gifts by Moe (a fan who has been to lots of the shows).

We ate at a really fantastic restaurant after the show. It has some of the best food I’ve tried in Japan; yam in raw egg, garlic miso, marinated shitake mushrooms… it just kept coming (as did the Sapporo!). We then staggered to another club until stupid-o-clock to sample the local tipple, which is a shot of gin in a pint of lager. I think there was some dancing. It was a really memorable night until that point. Now it gets a bit hazy.

More news tomorrow.

Jez x


Hello again, sorry about the delay in getting these on the site. We haven’t had the internet for a couple of days. Last night we played in Osaka and had a fantastic time. Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan and has a real up-and-coming feel about it. Fast cars and cool clothes abound. It also has some of the most amazing neon signs. If anyone has seen the film ‘Bladerunner’, it has a look of that film about it. The people seem to enjoy spending their money. Our Japanese friends tell us there is some rivalry between Osaka and Tokyo about which is the coolest place to live. It’s brash, loud and a consumer heaven!

Once again, the gig was absolutely rammed but unfortunately I overslept in the hotel as I was knackered after our laed night in Hakata and missed both support bands (Totos and Afterpilot). I hate turning up late to shows, as I like to see the other bands and see if there’s anyone there!

The gig was really great and the crowd seemed to know a lot of the new songs. ‘Do You Ever Think Of Me’ always gets a huge reaction. You never know which songs from the record are going to connect with the crowd until you get on stage. ‘Dumb Dumb Ditty’ is also loads of fun to play live. We sold out of T-shirts and the fans were so lovely.

After the show we all went to eat. It’s a great Japanese tradition that after the gig, everybody from all the bands eats together. The food was amazing. We were served all kinds of tofu, noodles, kippers and even chips, which is quite unusual for Japan but Osaka is a potato-growing area.

Tomorrow is Nagoya.

See you then!


Hello again, I’m once again writing on the bullet train. We’re on our way from Hakata to Osaka after a crazy show last night.

Hakata is one of my favourite cities in Japan. If Tokyo is über-cool and Osaka has a tough upwardly mobile vibe, Hakata’s populace seem to focus on ‘having a good time, all the time’. The staple diet here is ramen noodles, a thick white soup made from ground pork bones and consumed with eager slurping and spicy pickles on the side. I sampled the vegetarian version, although my taste buds definitely detected porky undertones. It was just what we needed after battling through a blizzard to make our first radio interview of the day. Our label has made sure we’re kept busy this tour and there’s hardly time to catch our breath between interviews, meet-and-greets and sound check.

The British Pavilion night at Kieth Flack is legendary in Hakata. Overseen by bowler hatted-Carnaby-Street attired DJ Terry (who we dedicated the song ‘Terry’ to), it’s a celebration of English pop and rock music, which seems to go on until no one can drink any more. The place was absolutely rammed by the time we hit the stage at 12.45. The hardest part of the night was the fact we had to wade through the heaving sweaty crowd to get to the stage. It took about as long as the set to do that.

The show was great, hot and vibey and we chatted and signed stuff until the early hours. A 9am lobby call means I’m going to try and catch some shut eye as soon as I can.

Hello everybody and welcome to Farrah’s world tour diary

Jez in Okayama

Racked Out in Tower Records Okayama

Acoustic @ Tanjin FM, Hakata

Acoustic @ Love FM, Hakata

Some Mad People @ Love FM, Hakata

The Management

It’s pretty amazing to be back on tour again after spending most of last year in the studio recording Cut Out And Keep. It’s like being in two different bands in a way. The studio based Farrah is quite poppy, thought out and methodical but the live show is a lot more rock and hopefully gains in attitude what it lacks in subtlety!

We had our first show in Okayama last night. Okayama is an industrial city located quite near Hiroshima. It took five hours from Tokyo by high speed bullet train to get there. As always, we were met at the station by people to help us with our equipment. In this case, it was the members of Comatose, (one of the support bands) who helped us to the hotel with our guitars and bass. We arrived the day before the show so we had a rare evening off. We were taken to a great Japanese restaurant near the station. The food was ‘oishi desu’ which means really tasty. Being vegetarian can be a pain on tour (especially for the poor organisers who try and locate meat and fish-free for Michelle, Mal and me) but the restaurant had great tofu, deep fried edemame, cheese in tofu wrappers and (of course)cold beer. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m drinking again after a month off. I am back to my inebriated self again.

We got up the next day to have a tour of Okayama Castle and the surrounding gardens called Koruko-en. These gardens are meant to be one of the three best gardens in Japan. They were really serene despite the sub-zero temperature and biting wind. The castle was bombed in the Second World War but a replica made of concrete stands in it’s place. After the castle we popped into Tower records to sign the wall of fame and buy our own single! Yohei Kikkewa is the singer of Comatose and he also works at Tower. He’d done a great job getting Farrah racked out and on the listening post

We we’re playing Okayama’s new club called Image and were the first non-Japanese band to play there. Whenever we play in Japan we’re always amazed by the meticulous attention to detail. Image had great amps and Kit, a carpeted stage and even a backstage toilet with a self-warming seat and choice of flushing sounds!

The club was rammed and after great support bands (The Telepathys and Comatose) we played a really good show. The audience seemed to know the new songs from Cut out And Keep (probably better than we do) and we signed a bunch of albums after. I’d like to say that after the show I partied hard and snorted cocaine of dwarves buttocks but tragically enough I went back to the hotel and washed my pants. Rock and roll. This morning I got up stupidly early as my body clock is still a bit weird. The hotel breakfast is traditional Japanese fare of Rice, miso soup, pickles and oolong tea. A sickenenly healthy start to the day.

I’m writing this on the Train to Hakata. We’re playing a club called ‘Keith Flack’ tonight. It’s the third time we’ve played there and we’re still non the wiser as to why it’s called this ridiculous name. Perhaps the mystery will be solved tonight, perhaps Keith will be there. Stay tuned for more exciting updates tomorrow.



OK Okayama!

Everyone was rocking at Image tonight! The club was great and the Telepathys and Comatose played great sets. The DJs were cool too, and we had lots of fun meeting everyone after the show. Thanks to everyone who came up and said hi!! Right, next stop Keith Flack in Hakata tomorrow night, or tonight really… Good night! Love Michelle xxx