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Hello everybody and welcome to Farrah’s world tour diary

Jez in Okayama

Racked Out in Tower Records Okayama

Acoustic @ Tanjin FM, Hakata

Acoustic @ Love FM, Hakata

Some Mad People @ Love FM, Hakata

The Management

It’s pretty amazing to be back on tour again after spending most of last year in the studio recording Cut Out And Keep. It’s like being in two different bands in a way. The studio based Farrah is quite poppy, thought out and methodical but the live show is a lot more rock and hopefully gains in attitude what it lacks in subtlety!

We had our first show in Okayama last night. Okayama is an industrial city located quite near Hiroshima. It took five hours from Tokyo by high speed bullet train to get there. As always, we were met at the station by people to help us with our equipment. In this case, it was the members of Comatose, (one of the support bands) who helped us to the hotel with our guitars and bass. We arrived the day before the show so we had a rare evening off. We were taken to a great Japanese restaurant near the station. The food was ‘oishi desu’ which means really tasty. Being vegetarian can be a pain on tour (especially for the poor organisers who try and locate meat and fish-free for Michelle, Mal and me) but the restaurant had great tofu, deep fried edemame, cheese in tofu wrappers and (of course)cold beer. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m drinking again after a month off. I am back to my inebriated self again.

We got up the next day to have a tour of Okayama Castle and the surrounding gardens called Koruko-en. These gardens are meant to be one of the three best gardens in Japan. They were really serene despite the sub-zero temperature and biting wind. The castle was bombed in the Second World War but a replica made of concrete stands in it’s place. After the castle we popped into Tower records to sign the wall of fame and buy our own single! Yohei Kikkewa is the singer of Comatose and he also works at Tower. He’d done a great job getting Farrah racked out and on the listening post

We we’re playing Okayama’s new club called Image and were the first non-Japanese band to play there. Whenever we play in Japan we’re always amazed by the meticulous attention to detail. Image had great amps and Kit, a carpeted stage and even a backstage toilet with a self-warming seat and choice of flushing sounds!

The club was rammed and after great support bands (The Telepathys and Comatose) we played a really good show. The audience seemed to know the new songs from Cut out And Keep (probably better than we do) and we signed a bunch of albums after. I’d like to say that after the show I partied hard and snorted cocaine of dwarves buttocks but tragically enough I went back to the hotel and washed my pants. Rock and roll. This morning I got up stupidly early as my body clock is still a bit weird. The hotel breakfast is traditional Japanese fare of Rice, miso soup, pickles and oolong tea. A sickenenly healthy start to the day.

I’m writing this on the Train to Hakata. We’re playing a club called ‘Keith Flack’ tonight. It’s the third time we’ve played there and we’re still non the wiser as to why it’s called this ridiculous name. Perhaps the mystery will be solved tonight, perhaps Keith will be there. Stay tuned for more exciting updates tomorrow.