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Hello again, I’m once again writing on the bullet train. We’re on our way from Hakata to Osaka after a crazy show last night.

Hakata is one of my favourite cities in Japan. If Tokyo is über-cool and Osaka has a tough upwardly mobile vibe, Hakata’s populace seem to focus on ‘having a good time, all the time’. The staple diet here is ramen noodles, a thick white soup made from ground pork bones and consumed with eager slurping and spicy pickles on the side. I sampled the vegetarian version, although my taste buds definitely detected porky undertones. It was just what we needed after battling through a blizzard to make our first radio interview of the day. Our label has made sure we’re kept busy this tour and there’s hardly time to catch our breath between interviews, meet-and-greets and sound check.

The British Pavilion night at Kieth Flack is legendary in Hakata. Overseen by bowler hatted-Carnaby-Street attired DJ Terry (who we dedicated the song ‘Terry’ to), it’s a celebration of English pop and rock music, which seems to go on until no one can drink any more. The place was absolutely rammed by the time we hit the stage at 12.45. The hardest part of the night was the fact we had to wade through the heaving sweaty crowd to get to the stage. It took about as long as the set to do that.

The show was great, hot and vibey and we chatted and signed stuff until the early hours. A 9am lobby call means I’m going to try and catch some shut eye as soon as I can.