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Hello again, sorry about the delay in getting these on the site. We haven’t had the internet for a couple of days. Last night we played in Osaka and had a fantastic time. Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan and has a real up-and-coming feel about it. Fast cars and cool clothes abound. It also has some of the most amazing neon signs. If anyone has seen the film ‘Bladerunner’, it has a look of that film about it. The people seem to enjoy spending their money. Our Japanese friends tell us there is some rivalry between Osaka and Tokyo about which is the coolest place to live. It’s brash, loud and a consumer heaven!

Once again, the gig was absolutely rammed but unfortunately I overslept in the hotel as I was knackered after our laed night in Hakata and missed both support bands (Totos and Afterpilot). I hate turning up late to shows, as I like to see the other bands and see if there’s anyone there!

The gig was really great and the crowd seemed to know a lot of the new songs. ‘Do You Ever Think Of Me’ always gets a huge reaction. You never know which songs from the record are going to connect with the crowd until you get on stage. ‘Dumb Dumb Ditty’ is also loads of fun to play live. We sold out of T-shirts and the fans were so lovely.

After the show we all went to eat. It’s a great Japanese tradition that after the gig, everybody from all the bands eats together. The food was amazing. We were served all kinds of tofu, noodles, kippers and even chips, which is quite unusual for Japan but Osaka is a potato-growing area.

Tomorrow is Nagoya.

See you then!