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Thanks Tokyo!

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What an amazing show in Tokyo! Where do i start? Well firstly, we’d heard rumours that the show had been selling well as the tour progressed. When we got to the venue we we’re blown away. Unit held a few hundred people, had had a fantastic stage and great sound and lights. We arrived at the venue to see flowers sent to us from our friends in Asian Kung Fu Generation and from Sony Publishing. It’s so thoughtful. As soon as we hit the stage i knew it was going to be good fun. We played everything at punk speed and the audience were moshing along. Afterwards i was whisked off to do a show presented by Kaela Kimura. She is a huge star in Japan and i was lucky to write a couple of songs with her earlier this year. She also sang on ‘No Reason Why’ Her show was a real laugh. We sang live on air together on air which was a huge buzz even though i was a bit knackered as it was gone midnight. After the Radio show we headed to the Farrah aftershow party where Andrew had been DJiing to an intrigued (and possibly baffled crowd). there we so many lovely people there from the show who i had photos with. By 4 A.M i’d drunk enough to take over the wheels of steel to play an ill advised and eclectic mix (van halen anybody?) We staggered back to the hotel at 6.30 A.M after Michelle’s ‘Jazz dance’ interpretation of Xanadu. I was tragically pissed. BANZAI!