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Burning the midnight oil…..

Opera House

The Coat Hanger

So here we are playing in our third continent in as many weeks. Our show was originally booked for last Friday but we were bumped off the bill because the guitarist from Midnight Oil stole our night. How Australian is that?!

It’s been cool in a way, as we’ve had chance to see the best this beautiful city has to offer and act like tourists for a few days. Michelle has been telling us for years that Sydney was ‘Oztopia’ and much as I wanted to be disappointed, I couldn’t really disagree. The climate is great. The food is excellent, it has beaches and bars galore, everyone is easy going and friendly. It makes you sick!

After a week of sleeping and drinking I was itching to get on stage again and the gig was great fun. We were supported by ‘The Gronks’ who include a few members of Montana (Michelle’s old band who are ace) and ‘The Ancient Marinators’ a Sydney band who had some great tunes. We were playing in a pub called ‘The Cat And Fiddle’ which was pretty full of pretty pissed people and I had a ball on stage.

I can’t believe it was the last gig of the tour and I have to endure a 24 hour flight to the U.K.

I really hope we have the chance to go back to Australia, it’s a fantastic place