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Album Launch

I’m delighted to tell you all that we’ll be holding an exclusive album launch party in the heart of London on Wednesday June 6th. We’ll perform some songs from Cut Out And Keep and there’s even a rumour that there will be free drinks!

It’s an invitation only event but if you want to come, keep your eyes on the site for details of how to get a ticket.

Have a great Sunday


Come on York City!

Hello everyone, although all might seem quiet, in fact we’re busy preparing for the launch of ‘Cut Out and Keep in the U.K’.

I’m impressed by the amount of you who noticed that Avril Lavigne ripped us off for her new single “Girlfriend”. It shows a remarkable similarity to ‘I Wanna be Your Boyfriend’……..

My brief interlude moonlighting for ‘The Click 5’ has resulted in me co writing 3 songs for there sophomore album which comes out in July.

Look out for a few shows in the U.K and Spain coming up. We’ll be playing a lot of new tracks off the new record.

I hope all is splendid with you all

Keep on Rocking!


P.S. Farrah’s football team York City (don’t laugh) have reached the playoffs of the Conference league. fingers crossed that they defeat the mighty Morecombe tonight!