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New album out soon

Hello everyone. How are you all? We’ve all had a hectic couple of weeks. We’ve been gigging in Liverpool and Madrid and we had our launch party for the record at the legendary 100 club on Oxford St. It was a fantastic night. The place was rammed with people and we played really well. It was great to see so many of you there. We really appreciate your support.

We really hope you like the video for Fear Of Flying. It took us a long time but we’re really proud of it. If you would all have a look at it on Youtube and send the link to everybody you have ever met then we have a chance of getting some momentum!

On a completely different note, I met Chris Difford (the amazing lyricist from Squeeze) yesterday and had a fantastic chat with him about song writing and his experience of the music industry. He was a really lovely and frighteningly talented guy. There’s always a worry if you meet your heroes that it will be a letdown. It’s fantastic when they inspire you to improve your writing.

On a final note, please buy our record. It’s out on Monday!