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A Thong For Europe

Hello everyone, we’ve just been on a whistle-stop trip to Spain and had a great time.

First on the schedule was a Radio show on Spanish National Radio. We were invited on DJ Charlie’s evening show to choose some songs to play. For an hour we had the chance to broadcast songs by everybody from Brendon Benson to Feist. It was a great show (especially the large quantity of fine quality cerveca).

After the show we headed off to see our friend Santi Campos D.J in a club. I can’t remember too much after this…

When I woke up, I realized I’d left my jacket somewhere. I just don’t know where. That afternoon we drove to Valencia to play at Club Wah Wah. We were supported by a great band from Madrid called Belco. The music was reminiscent of Wilco, Josh Rouse and Ryan Adams. The show was fantastic. Everyone seemed to know all the songs and we saw a fair number of punters afterwards who had seen us before. There was one couple there who had ‘First And Last’ as their wedding song. I was flattered and confused as it is a song about breaking up with someone!

When we woke up the next day I realized that we’d left our brand new and very expensive backdrop hanging up at the venue. I hope we can get it back. I have visions of it being used as a Farrah duvet cover.

The show on Saturday was after a long drive back to Madrid. As a band of erudite individuals we spent the journey trying to remember the theme tune to Magnum P.I and arguing about where and when the first queue in the world was (I’m convinced it was Stonehenge when they’d just finished it). It was Euro Gay Pride festival all weekend so the atmosphere in the city centre was amazing. Unfortunately for us, the City centre was closed off to traffic so we had to lug the equipment through the thong wearing throng of people. Even though many men were quite muscular, not one offered to carry an amp!

The show was short but sweet and we caught up with a lot of friends from the many other times we’d played in Madrid. A few vodka and tonics later, Mike and I exited the club bleary eyed to be confronted by 100000 gay men all trying to hail a cab. We wandered the streets for an hour before a kindly cabbie took pity on us.

My hangover on Sunday was quite severe. After a fantastic lunch at the home of our Record Company boss we sadly headed back to the U.K. We’re always sorry to leave Spain as the people are so into music and the shows are always great fun. I think we’re planning to head back in October.