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Ich Bin Ein Berliner!

Ahh, the famous words of JFK as he stood by the Berlin wall mean ‘I Am A Doughnut’. I’ve just got back from Berlin and I’ve made many linguistic mistakes. It’s the first time I’ve been to Germany since working a as a washer-upper in a Hotel when I was 18. Back then I hitched there and listened to the Beatles, this time I flew there and listened to MP3s of The Beatles so not that much has changed.

A warning to vegetarians about German foods; The German chef will try and secrete meat in the most innocent looking dishes. Peas (shredded ham), a cheese sandwich (schinken will often nestle under the cheese). It’s like a sick game to test a vegetarian’s skill. The trick is to eat in the abundance of great Thai and Vietnamese restaurants there.

There’s so much to see in the German capital, I wish I had a week there. There’s so much tumultuous history in one city. It’s hard to believe the wall existed when you go there now. I really recommend it to anyone who likes beer, art and history.

By the way, the album is out and is getting some great reviews. To all of you who have bought it, I hope that you like it. We’re really proud of it and already wondering what the next one is going to sound likeā€¦

Message to God. Thanks for the rain but you can stop now.