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Writer’s block

Trying to write songs is a bit silly. It’s not like a proper artistic pursuit like sculpting a face of Jesus out of elephant dung or writing a performance poem about earth worms. Met a good friend yesterday and she’d written a list of things she had to do and things she wanted to do. The list of things she wanted to do include painting a fish (we narrowed it down to a painting of a fish) and writing her book. The list of things she had to do include sorting out her tax and payslips. Such is life’s rich tapestry. We all spend a lot of our lives doing stuff we don’t want to do in order to spend a little time doing what we love. Today I’ve been trying to write a song. A songwriter I know says it’s akin to having a poo. What I wrote was crap so I guess he’s right.

Went to see a friend’s band called ‘The Return Of The Furies’ last night at The Clapham Grand. They rocked. They had some really complex and interesting arrangements and some killer riffs to boot. . The night before I went to Camden to see a mate’s band. They were supported by a 5 piece rock band who’d obviously flown in from the 80s on a magic carpet. They were unselfconsciously like Def Leppard. This is both amusing and upsetting.

We got review in Mojo this month which gave us three stars (this, according to their rating system means ‘good’). Although it was a positive review I didn’t really understand some of it. It said we were ‘quaintly and unselfconsciously out of time’. We’re actually totally conscious of the fact we’re ‘Out of time’. Ironically if we sounded ‘of the moment’ we’d sound like ‘Television’ or ‘Joy Division’. This would be impossible for us because of our fear of 16th hi hats. I’m pleased we’re not flavour of the month, it hopefully means that we won’t be flavour of last month either.

What I’m really amazed by is the fact that Mojo gave us a review at all. We’re a tiny band on a tiny label so good on them! I think there are a couple of hundred releases each week. The other reviews we’ve got have been really great and we’re had a bit of radio play on radio 2 as well.

It’s like climbing Everest this whole small band against the music industry world. Actually it’s more like carrying all our own equipment to base camp to see all the bands on bigger deals arrive in helicopters with loads of sherpas.

We’re from Yorkshire, we thrive on hardship.