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Christmas excess

Good lord, this Christmas excess is catching up with me. I’m in York today suffering with an immense hangover after partying til 6a.m with lots of dear friends. Every year my mate Mike who used to be the bass player in Farrah organizes a Christmas dinner. He bills it as ‘the works-do you actually want to go to’. It was held in a pub and much revelry was had by all. I have vague recollections of performing a spirited version of the Christmas classic ‘Mistletoe and wine’ which I seamlessly segued into Shakin Steven’s ‘merry Christmas everyone’.

My friend Richard invented a new drink by mixing Vodka and red wine together. He described the tipple as a ‘very very very strong Rose’ he then attempted to kiss everybody. The highlight of the night was a singalong to ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ and Mike’s speech, which I imagine he can’t remember.

Today I’m getting to grips with Logic 8. Which is an audio sequencer and seems pretty straightforward even for someone as hungover as me.

Tomorrow I’ll be in town to have a Christmas Eve pint.

I hope all of you have a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!