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Sober January

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

I’m having a sober January. It’s something I do every year to give my liver a break. I’m not missing going t o the pub…honest. I’ve been too busy to be pining for Guinness as I’ve been working on ideas for the new Farrah record. I find a diet of Halloumi cheese and berocca keeps me in a creative state of mind.

What do I have to write about after 3 and a half albums? I’m sure I’ll find something……

I’ve got quite a lot of fragments I’m trying to turn into a rough song that I can then write and arrange with the band. They’re pretty brutal if they don’t like something. Michelle always likes the mellow quirky stuff, Andrew tends to get enthused by anything rocky and clever and Dana… well we’ll have to see if he likes any of it!

Perhaps I should let you have your say on which idea you like. Perhaps I should post some demos on the site! What do you reckon?

Anyway, that’s my ten minute break over. Back to the grindstone….

Now where’s that cheese…



Hey everyone, Happy New Year!

I hope your Christmas was a frenzy of rich food and exceptional hangovers.

I always start off the New Year with good intentions and many resolutions which rarely last through January. Firstly, my Christmas present to my liver is to not drink for 30 days. I’ve done two so far and besides the insomnia, irritability, cold sweats and apathy, it’s going pretty well

So 2007 is over. How was it for you? I think it was one of my favourite years ever. The band played more exotic shows than ever before (including Australia) and we released my favourite Farrah record in Cut Out And Keep.

Favourite show we played? Well, it probably has to be Unit in Tokyo. We played our hearts out and the crowd was amazing. Then again, our album launch party at the 100 club in London was really good too.

I also thought our show at the Purple Turtle in Camden a couple of weeks ago was one of my favourites too. My other resolution is to play more U.K shows this year.

Favourite show I went to in 2007 was…. Um, I can’t remember. O.K that’s a resolution too, to go to more shows in 2008.

Favourite film? I liked Pan’s Labyrinth and (I Know!) Ratatouille.

Favourite book? I enjoyed Everyman by Philip Roth and Germinal by Emile Zola (yes I am aware that these didn’t come out in 2007)

Favourite TV? @The Flight Of The Conchords’ DVD was splendid as were about three episodes of ‘The Street. The Secret Millionaire often got me blubbing like a baby as well

Favourite exhibition? The terracotta army at the British Museum was quite strange and the odd helter skelter type installation at the Tate was a great hangover cure.

Favourite West End Show? That’s easy, I only went to one which was Boeing Boeing. It was very funny.

Let me know your highlights of the year…….