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Sober January

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

I’m having a sober January. It’s something I do every year to give my liver a break. I’m not missing going t o the pub…honest. I’ve been too busy to be pining for Guinness as I’ve been working on ideas for the new Farrah record. I find a diet of Halloumi cheese and berocca keeps me in a creative state of mind.

What do I have to write about after 3 and a half albums? I’m sure I’ll find something……

I’ve got quite a lot of fragments I’m trying to turn into a rough song that I can then write and arrange with the band. They’re pretty brutal if they don’t like something. Michelle always likes the mellow quirky stuff, Andrew tends to get enthused by anything rocky and clever and Dana… well we’ll have to see if he likes any of it!

Perhaps I should let you have your say on which idea you like. Perhaps I should post some demos on the site! What do you reckon?

Anyway, that’s my ten minute break over. Back to the grindstone….

Now where’s that cheese…