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Manager Update


Greetings everybody from the cigar smoke-wreathed offices of Farrah Management. I though I should write a little insight into where we are at and give a tantalising glimpse into plans for this year. At the moment the band are busy in the studio “laying down some tracks”, as they used to say, for a fairly imminent release which I’m not allowed to tell you about yet. This weekend we’ll shoot some pictures and shortly afterwards make a video which hopefully will need about 1/100th of the editing time of “Fear Of Flying” which – in my view – has been cruelly overlooked in this year’s Oscar nominations. Perhaps on the basis that there is no category for “Best Supporting Midget” but I digress.

These are the first recordings, pictures and vid with Dana, whose laconic charm and phenomenal drumming – combined with an encylopaedic knowledge of the world’s beers – have ensured he has fitted right in. Having heard a few rough bits of the songs last weekend ( before being sent packing on the basis that I “normally make musical comments when it’s too late to do anything about it” ) I can say they are the best yet.

Keen observers will have noted that we have announced 4 shows in Japan in April, which will be preceded by some UK shows as warm ups, following our usual tradition. It will be great to be in Japan at sakura ( cherry blossom ) time as this will be a first for all of us ( on that note, everyone should read “Hokkaido Highway Blues” by Will Ferguson – it’s great ) .The show at the Purple Turtle last December was really fantastic and we really do plan to do more shows in the UK this year with the fervent aim of trying to avoid bankruptcy in the process. As the manager, I am always focused on the direct correlation between the door takings and Debtors Prison, so all attendees at our UK shows are hugely appreciated.

Over this period, the band will also be working on what is known in the biz as “the noo reckid” whilst I continue to try & find a home for “Cut Out And Keep” in other territories where we can go and tour. Preferable sunny ones with good food. The idea is that the aforesaid noo reckid will come out this year but it’s early days. Anyway – more news as it happens. Pass the Montecristos…and the cheese.