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Shooting Spree

Video Shoot 2008

Video Shoot 2008

Video Shoot 2008

Video Shoot 2008

What do you get when you attach a posh lens to a cheap video camera,

break into a deserted office building and add a killer tune? Farrah’s

latest video of course.

Shot over a couple of days in a top secret location and directed by the legendary Swiss auteur Anders Campbellson it’s a 3 minute blast of pop heaven. Jez has the challenge of acting ‘drunk’ and ‘hungover’ which didn’t really stretch him to be honest.

Dana hit the drums with the force of a hurricane and Michelle once again reprised her legendary role as the receptionist everybody wants to ‘get

to know’. It will be up on the site very soon along with some out-takes to keep you amused.

Spring is in the air and Farrah are playing a rare London show on April

11th at the Purple Turtle in Camden before once again jetting off around

the world and rocking Japan. Hope to see you there!