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Japanese Tour

Tokyo - Michelle & Jez Acoustic

Okayama - Michelle & Jez Acoustic

Kobe - Street Flowers

Japan 2008 Tour Flyer

hello everyone! I thought i would drop a brief line to tell you about our fantastic Farrah Japanese tour which ended in Kobe last night. It has been an amazing experience to play in Japan again. We were here to promote our new single Can..t Kick The Habit and the week long tour has been a whirwind of bullet trains, HMV and Tower Records instores, amazing shows and very late nights.

It was great to catch up with our Japanese fans and friends and to see some more of this amazing country. We..d like to say thanks to everyone who came to the instores and shows and a very special thanks to Yo and the boys in Okayama who not only played a blinding show but helped us by lending us gear, driving us around and generally being brilliant!

By the way, i..m sorry about the random punctuation but i..m typing this on a Japanese keyboard which is confusing me no end….

We..ll get some photos on the site soon but until then, Sayanora!