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studio news

Hello all of you out there. Here’s the latest news from the studio. Me and Andy have been here all day tracking guitars for the first songs from the new record. It’s funny to be recording our fourth album. I didn’t have any idea when we recorded the first one that we’d be lucky enough to carry on making music for so long! Me and Andrew are producing the record again which is a role we’re getting more and more used to. So who knows how long we’ll be holed up in Jimmy K’s amazing Diversion Studios? The last record took a long time to make but me and Andy were learning how to use the equipment as we went along. Our ethos for this album is to try and keep things as fresh as possible. Dana nailed his drums first take last night so pressure is on for all of us to do the same!

So, it’s a beautiful evening outside and we’re taking a break. Hope you’re having a good weekend. If you like the video blog let us know by leaving us a message

all the best


Studio Video Diary

ooooh we’ve got all techy and decided to try our hand a “vlogging”.

more soon!


Glasto highlights

Hi all! I just thought I’d mention that Glastonbury was a blast this year. I haven’t been for a few years (and avoided trenchfoot in the process)but the sun shone as did some of the bands.

The highlight had to be Glenn Tilbrook (of Squeeze fame) And The Fluffers. with a back catalogue to make most songwriters blush, Tilbrook and co charged through an incredible set of old and new tunes. The band was brilliant but the star of the show was Glen’s voice. Inspirational.

The other highlight was Leonard Cohen on Sunday night. To hear 80000 people singing hallelulja was really moving (perhaps the many pints of somerset cider aided the experience)

I had such a good time I’m definitely going back next year.

all the best


Boston Legal

Beat Scratch Magazine

I’ve only just discovered Boston Legal. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a US TV series about an ‘unconventional’ law firm, and it stars James Spader, William Shatner and Candice Bergen, along with midgets, cross dressers and a lawyer with Aspergers. My mum says she doesn’t like it because it’s full of washed up old has beens, but it’s actually a genius show. Andy loves it because Captain Kirk is in it, and I love it because of James Spader – who knew that all these years after he was creepy-hot in Pretty In Pink that he would again become creepy-hot in a completely inappropriate way to an entirely new generation of fans. If you haven’t watched it, do so.

Anyway, the reason I mention it is because I have all four series to watch, and I can’t because we’ve been so busy doing band stuff. I’m not complaining, as making an album is one of the best and most fun things you can do. I just hope I don’t have to wait until season five before I get to watch the 60-odd episodes waiting for my attention – and that the pay off is you get a new Farrah album (or at least a new track!) before the cold weather sets in. Oh, it already has…

Right, I’m off back to the studio.

Michelle xx

PS – As we’re talking telly, being an Australian, I urge you all to watch Summer Heights High. It’s my school experience to a T…

Back in the studio…

Farrah Beat Scratch Magazine

After a brilliant tour of Japan – where Farrah released their
Japan-only single Can’t Kick The Habit – the band are now knee deep
in microphones, cymbals, guitars and amps, working on new material.
Stay tuned for exclusive footage from the studio and video-diary updates.

PS – Check out the excellent Farrah front cover for Japanese
magazine Beat Scratch.