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Studio Update

Now then everyone. I hope all is well.

Recording is going great at Diversion Studios. Dana has been laying down some more monster grooves and Michelle has added some thundering bass. The songs we’ve recorded so far are an eclectic bunch – from skiffle to rock (and visiting New-Wave on the way). By the end of the month we’re hoping to have some snippets on the site to whet your appetite.

I managed to blow up a Vox and a Marshall last week (too much two finger tapping probably)but i’m expecting them back and repaired any day this week so i can add some big guitars to the mix. I even played the guitar that Bachman Turner Overdrive wrote ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’ last week (thank Jimmy K!). For guitar nerds, it’s the one Andrew is playing in the Fear Of Flying Video.

We’ve also got a gig this friday 24th at The Albany on Great Portland St W1. We’ll be ‘road testing new material’ as they say in the biz. i hope you can make it down.

all the best