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Heading North for The Wellingtons

Hello all,

I thought i’d take a moment to plug our labelmates The Wellingtons. Their new album “Heading North For The Winter” was released last week in the UK. It’s ace.

If you like the punky-pop-rock side of Farrah then you’re probably going to love their stuff too. I suggest you buy it immediately!


Meanwhile, back in our studio things are progressing at the usuall Farrah-like rate…


How you you stay young?

Signs I haven’t grown up.

I will fashion my hair into a ‘Shampoo-Mohican’ when I wash it.

I kick up leaves.

I am tempted to shoplift.

I will put an unattended tea cosy on my head

I still don’t like going to school.

I like to cycle non handed.

On cold days when my breath freezes I will pretend I’m a steam train.

I still like swings and roundabouts.

I still find anything to do with breaking wind amusing.

On long car journeys I will ask ‘are we there yet?’

I am messy.

I mimic people.

I pull faces at myself in the mirror.

I go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahhh’ at firework displays.

I play my music too loud.

What do you do to keep the inner child entertained?


Fireworks are going off in Farrah’s south London studio as they lay
down tracks for their eagerly anticipated follow up to ‘Cut Out And
Keep’. Rumours suggest the band’s songs are more eclectic than ever,
with ELO meets Santana(!) stompers to Simon & Garfunke-esque skiffles.
The next record has the working title of ‘Last Of The Innocents’
(apparently also the title of a new song that touches upon the
creationist versus evolution debate) and is due to be wrapped up
before the end of the year.

If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon the band playing some low-key
gigs in the capital over the next few weeks.