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Abbey Rd

So hi everybody! I hope you are all doing great out there. I just thought I’d report back from the Farrah front line to tell you that the album is done and dusted!

We spent most of yesterday in Abbey Rd studios mastering the album. It’s always a bit like going to ‘Beatles church’ when you walk in to Abbey Rd, probably the most famous recording studio in the world. The air is redolent of the Fab Four. It was a really good day. It’s a nice way to finish up.

Now the work begins.

On Saturday we’re shooting a low budget video. This should be fun. I’m trying to locate a white Gibson flying V guitar. I am also going to wear a leather jacket.

The next few months we’re going to be learning the new songs and playing them live. We’ve got a lot of work to do!

The record sounds amazing. We worked really hard, ate a lot of curry and had some late nights. I really hope you like the record. We’re calling it ‘Farrah’. It seemed to fit somehow.