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early bird

Good morning! Still dark here and i’ve woken up at 3am instead of 4 am. My body is confused. Great day yesterday. Met all our lovely label at Fabtone head office and did some idents for radio stations that have been kind enough to play our record.I also got my haircut and had a wander around a very hot and humid Tokyo. Our hotel is right next to all the music shops. The temptation to buy a guitar is hard to fight!

This morning i’m appearing on the TV and performing ‘Last Of the Innocents’ from the new record, after that i’m a guest on Tokyo’s biggest morning Radio show. Then it’s a full day of interviews and promo with hopefully a large beer afterwards!

By the way, the Nano-Mugen compilation from the festival of the same name is at number 11 in the charts! Our song Stereotypes is track 3!

I’m shooting some vlogs but i forgot my lead to connect my phone to the computer. I’ll be looking today…..

Jez x