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full day!

Hi all, i’m close to flaking out in my hotel room. What a crazy day. It got gradually more surreal. The breakfast TV appearance was really fun (despite the 4am alarm call). I had to taste some food and pass judgement on the best veggie stuff. The winner of the three choices was tofu skin from a local restaurant- very tasty. The delightful Shelly was host of the show and spoke great English. I performed Last Of The Innocents live and acoustic which was a shock to the vocal chords at 7.30 am.

Straight after breakfast we were whisked off to feature on the top Rated Tokyo morning show- Good Morning Garage on Inter FM. It was a great show and they’ve been playing tracks from the new record. It’s so refreshing to meet DJs who play an eclectic playlist of great songs that isn’t dictated by a big corporate conglomerate.

The rest of day was full of meetings and interviews and I’ve been overwhelmed by all the hard work the label have put in. The last trip of the day was to Tower Records in Shibuya where the album was racked out and i even saw a punter buy a copy (i wanted to hug him) as the new record blasted out of speakers all over the store. Lovely staff there.

lt was hard work and fun too

If i can find a lead for my phone, i’ll upload some vids tomorrow.

jez x