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NanoMugen Festival

Tower Instore, Akihabara, Tokyo

Well Konnichiwa and welcome to the Farrah blog. At this moment i am watching a great Japanese band called Asian Kung-Fu Generation at the Yokohama arena in front of 15000 people. The strange thing is, only a few hours ago, Michelle and I played on the same stage and opened the show! It was incredible to stand on that stage and play some songs from the new record (which came out last week in Japan and will come out in the U.K in the Autumn)

We tried our best (as half of Farrah) to play a good show and the audience were really good to us. It wasn’t the same without Andrew and Dana though.

We head back to the U.K tomorrow. We return to Japan in September as a full band. I can’t wait! Half of Farrah acoustic is all very well but Farrah electric is going to blow the roof off!

Jez x