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Back from Japan

Hey all of you. Just got back from Japan and got over the jetlag (and seeing ‘The Boat That Sucked, sorry, Rocked’ on the plane). Me and Michelle had an amazing time in Japan on our brief trip to promote the band’s new record. The album seems to be flying off the shelves in Tower Records and HMV and I’d just like to say thanks to some great people who made the whole trip so successful. So, (in no particular order) thanks; Masa, AKFG, Ken, Katsu, Takeshi, the staff at Tower Records, Nozomi, Graham, Koko the hairstyler, DJ Aiko, JJ and Space Shower TV, saucy DJ Sheila, Terry, Tomo, Sekki and all the other great people at Fabtone, Kazumi for inviting us to DJ, and a special thanks to all of those fans who came and said hello to us at the various shows we did. It was great meeting you all. If i’ve forgotten anyone- big apologies.

So what was the highlight? Too many to mention really. Obviously, playing the Nano-Mugen festival was great but we also had a brilliant time just sampling food on sticks in Shibuya, DJing at Hobgoblin, wandering on Zushi beach and hanging out with members of Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Hard-Fi, Ben Folds and Nada Surf.

So we’re now looking forward to playing the Vibrasons festival next week. We’re on just before ‘The Only Ones’ who I’m really looking forward to seeing. We’ve got some rehearsing to do at the weekend and next week. Can’t wait to see the Spanish fans!

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Jez x