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Brown rice and harmonies.

Hello everyone, I hope the sun is shining where you are (unless it’s night time, that would be a bit worrying). We had a vocal rehearsal last night round at my huge mansion in Mayfair. I gave the servants the night off while we ooohed, aaaahed and whoooaaahhhed our way through songs old and new. We’re playing two songs we’ve never played live before at the Vibrasons show this weekend; Just Driving’ and ‘Heavy Metal’. Both songs involve some Def Leppardesque ‘whoooahing’ which is quite hard to do with a straight face.

Vocal rehearsals are always chilled affairs. Some beer was drunk, some curry was eaten, some breeze was shot, all in all a great night.

Tonight we’re rehearsing electric. We’ll be running the set, hopefully not ruining the set!

Hope some Spanish fans are reading this and can come to the festival. Hola to you all!