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Owl City

Hey all, it’s Jez here. I’ve just been listening to the Owl City album and wondered what you all thought of it out in Farrah land? I’m pretty sure only Farrah and Owl City have both written songs about dentistry (ours was called Famous Dentist) and a few people have said his stuff is similar to ours. I can’t really hear it that much myself. I liked the Fireflies single but the vocal FX on his voice all the way through the record started annoying me after a while. What the record does remind me of, is some Japanese J Pop (especially the sounds on Perfume’s last record) as well as the Postal Service, which many people are comparing it to.

Do you think it sounds like Farrah? Is it one of your favourite records? Drop a comment in if you have an opinion either way.

best to you all!