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Happy New Year

Michelle at the Beeb

Happy New Year all you lovely people! I hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you all the best in the world for 2011. So what have we been up to? Well to be honest, it’s been a weird few months because I completely lost my voice and had to go and see lots of specialists who tried to find it! This was a real shame as the summer had been great and we’d just recorded a commercial for Nissan in Japan. Anyways, the good news is that my voice is completely recovered after extensive therapy and changing almost everything about my lifestyle. Yes, it’s no more late night drinking and curries for me!

So this week got the year off to a great start with a session on Bob Harris’s Radio 2 Show. Michelle and Dana and I headed down to the Beeb to record an interview and play some acoustic tracks from our latest record Farrah. We’re all big admirers of Bob Harris – in a career spanning many decades he has introduced so many bands to the public through his radio show and the TV series ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’. It’s no exaggeration to say that he has forgotten more about music than I will ever know!

The show is broadcast Saturday 8th Jan at midnight. See here.

So coming up this year? Well, firstly on the live front, we’ll be heading out to play some UK shows in both an electric and acoustic style, so check out the news page. We’re planning some foreign jaunts as well but these details are under wraps at the moment. We’ve all been hard at work working on a top secret project as well which involves trawling through the Farrah archives for gems and rarities. I also had the rare pleasure of writing a song with the astonishingly talented Bleu. He’s one of our label mates on Lojinx records. If you missed his UK shows before Christmas you should definitely put it in your diary next time he’s over from LA.

Well, got to go now as I have to do lots of singing exercises involving a straw, a neck brace and some liquorice. The glamour!

Wishing you all a great 2011.

Lots of love from Jez (who is writing this!) but also from Dana, Andrew and Michelle.