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Hey all! It’s Jez here. How are you all? I got told off last week by a mate who said that I hadn’t done a blog since January. He is right. I am a bad blogger. So, to make amends I’m going to write a ‘superblog’. This is the same as a normal blog, just with some words in ‘inverted commas’.

It’s been buzzing down at Farrah HQ on the banks of the Thames. Last week we played a short but sweet London show at the 02 Academy Islington. We got to dust off the cobwebs from our live set and play some tunes to a boozy and appreciative crowd. Highlights of the set included Dana playing Glockenspiel and drums at the same time (!) and also the chance to showcase our new single Scarborough which is out now and getting some airplay. Indeed, it was made single of the week on Geoff Lloyd’s Hometime Show on Absolute Radio. We’re going to be playing an acoustic session on his show soon. Watch this space!

We’ve all been so pleased and surprised at how our new(ish) record Farrah has been received. We all worked really hard to make it the best album yet so we’re chuffed that the reviews have been so positive. People are already asking us when we start the next record. OK, OK! We’ll get around to it as soon as we can although we’re in the studio working on a top secret project codenamed ‘Anthology’ (it’s a history of ants) which is set for release later in the year. I can’t give too much away but it is set to be a multimedia experience…..

Finally, we’re really pleased to announce that ‘Farrah’ has been released in Korea (please can we go and play, pretty please) on Triangle Music .

We all hope you’re having a great summer. Thanks so much as always for supporting the band. We really appreciate it. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Come and say hello. We don’t bite.

Lots of love

Jez, Dana, Andrew and Michelle