Welcome to the first Farrah blog of 2013!

So where were we? Oh yes, last year we went to Japan and played, we released a Box Set that we’re all very proud of and then Michelle left the band  we were very lucky that Henrik joined the band and then we played the Christmas party…… PHEW! I guess I should fill you all in a bit more.

So, the Christmas party was at our studio in London Bridge. Expectations were running high as this was the last time we held a party at the studio before it closed at the beginning of 2013. I’m pleased to say the party was an absolute blast and it was lovely to see past and present members of the band there. Live music came from our dear friends WWJD (What Would Jimmy Do), Henrik, Jamie Lawson, Feldspar, Ben Montague and Farrah played three brand new songs as well. The party went well into the early hours and was a fitting way to end our 7 years at ‘Diversion Studios’. It’s hard to believe we recorded ‘Stopgap Product, Cut Out And Keep’ and ‘Farrah’ there.

So where is Farrah HQ now I hear you murmur anxiously? Well we’ve moved into a brand new studio complex in Kings Cross. Our neighbours are Mark Ronson, Basement Jaxx, La Roux and many other big acts and writers. In fact I’m writing this as I’m waiting to go to rehearsal so I’m sat in the Kings Cross Starbucks as the snow swirls outside.

2013 will see a lot of recording from the band and a smattering of live appearances as well. We’re playing with Ben Montague in London and elsewhere next month and in May we’re playing with the fabulous Pugwash before heading over to Madrid to play there. More details on the gigs page

We’re all really excited about the new record and the new Kings Cross home (although we’ll all miss Al’s Café in Bermondsey). I hope you’re all having a great start to 2013.

See you soon we hope

Andrew, Dana, Henrik and Jez


Tokyo calling… Tokyo calling…

The unmistakeable scent of a Montecristo No.2 wafts over the terrace of Le Connaisseur cigar bar, perched on Dogenzaka Hill amidst the chaos of the Shibuya district of Tokyo. Across the street, elevators glide up to the famed restaurant Gonpachi. Wreathed in smoke, and clad in his trademark large coat – one of the largest coats ever seen in Japan – Farrah’s Manager is in deep discussion with gentlemen from H.I.P Promotions. The subject – a Farrah show in April. But not just a show. The best and most ambitious show Farrah have ever played in Japan. A venue is suggested – Chelsea Hotel in Shibuya. Approving nods from all concerned. A cool club in the centre of the city…ideal.

Next – the date. The band want fans from other cities to have the chance to come, so it has to be a weekend. And it has to be an early evening show, in case people have to get home. So – Saturday April 7th, on stage at 18.00. Heads are nodded once again. Sakura time. Special guests – hopefully. Some surprises? Definitely! The launch of a secret project – yes! Maybe some kind of after-party…who knows.

The Manager shakes hands with the gentlemen. The deal is done…the Montecristo has burned out. The Manager’s laptop comes to life, and flights are booked. Rehearsals are started…and Farrah are on their way to Japan soon. The Manager walks down Dogenzaka Hill past a riot of neon and takes the Ginza line to Akasaka-Mitsuke. He has an important meeting with his friends Mr. Kirin Ichiban and Mr. Asahi. And it’s Happy Hour…


Hey all! It’s Jez here. How are you all? I got told off last week by a mate who said that I hadn’t done a blog since January. He is right. I am a bad blogger. So, to make amends I’m going to write a ‘superblog’. This is the same as a normal blog, just with some words in ‘inverted commas’.

It’s been buzzing down at Farrah HQ on the banks of the Thames. Last week we played a short but sweet London show at the 02 Academy Islington. We got to dust off the cobwebs from our live set and play some tunes to a boozy and appreciative crowd. Highlights of the set included Dana playing Glockenspiel and drums at the same time (!) and also the chance to showcase our new single Scarborough which is out now and getting some airplay. Indeed, it was made single of the week on Geoff Lloyd’s Hometime Show on Absolute Radio. We’re going to be playing an acoustic session on his show soon. Watch this space!

We’ve all been so pleased and surprised at how our new(ish) record Farrah has been received. We all worked really hard to make it the best album yet so we’re chuffed that the reviews have been so positive. People are already asking us when we start the next record. OK, OK! We’ll get around to it as soon as we can although we’re in the studio working on a top secret project codenamed ‘Anthology’ (it’s a history of ants) which is set for release later in the year. I can’t give too much away but it is set to be a multimedia experience…..

Finally, we’re really pleased to announce that ‘Farrah’ has been released in Korea (please can we go and play, pretty please) on Triangle Music .

We all hope you’re having a great summer. Thanks so much as always for supporting the band. We really appreciate it. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Come and say hello. We don’t bite.

Lots of love

Jez, Dana, Andrew and Michelle

Rattle And Strum

Hey everyone. How are you all? Jez here with a quick update on what we’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks. I’ve just got in from a rehearsal tonight. We have a couple of acoustic gigs coming up so we’ve just been turning down the ‘rock’ and tweaking the ‘swing your pants’ button. My voice is holding up which pleases me greatly and everyone is in fine fettle and looking forward to our first UK shows in….. wow! How long is it? TOO long. We’re planning more jaunts around the country later in the spring to coincide with the release of ‘Scarborough’ our new single. We debuted it on Bob Harris’s Radio 2 show a couple of weeks ago. The live session we did was a blast. I hope you all tuned in. If you liked it then please ask Radio 2 to have us back again. It was such a nice vibe with Bob. He has the kind of voice that even if you were on a plane falling out of the sky, Bob’s dulcet tones coming over the intercom saying ‘ Well, that’s all we’ve got time for, we’re plummeting towards the earth I’m afraid. It’s goodbye from everyone, but here’s Fleetwood Mac….’ You would happily meet your maker!

January’s nearly over, the days will be getting lighter, the weather will be getting warmer…..spring is coming!

Lots of love from Jez, Dana, Michelle and Andrew.

Happy New Year

Michelle at the Beeb

Happy New Year all you lovely people! I hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you all the best in the world for 2011. So what have we been up to? Well to be honest, it’s been a weird few months because I completely lost my voice and had to go and see lots of specialists who tried to find it! This was a real shame as the summer had been great and we’d just recorded a commercial for Nissan in Japan. Anyways, the good news is that my voice is completely recovered after extensive therapy and changing almost everything about my lifestyle. Yes, it’s no more late night drinking and curries for me!

So this week got the year off to a great start with a session on Bob Harris’s Radio 2 Show. Michelle and Dana and I headed down to the Beeb to record an interview and play some acoustic tracks from our latest record Farrah. We’re all big admirers of Bob Harris – in a career spanning many decades he has introduced so many bands to the public through his radio show and the TV series ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’. It’s no exaggeration to say that he has forgotten more about music than I will ever know!

The show is broadcast Saturday 8th Jan at midnight. See here.

So coming up this year? Well, firstly on the live front, we’ll be heading out to play some UK shows in both an electric and acoustic style, so check out the news page. We’re planning some foreign jaunts as well but these details are under wraps at the moment. We’ve all been hard at work working on a top secret project as well which involves trawling through the Farrah archives for gems and rarities. I also had the rare pleasure of writing a song with the astonishingly talented Bleu. He’s one of our label mates on Lojinx records. If you missed his UK shows before Christmas you should definitely put it in your diary next time he’s over from LA.

Well, got to go now as I have to do lots of singing exercises involving a straw, a neck brace and some liquorice. The glamour!

Wishing you all a great 2011.

Lots of love from Jez (who is writing this!) but also from Dana, Andrew and Michelle.


Hey everyone, we’re so excited to be heading over to Spain next month for some shows. It seems ages since we’ve tasted those sweet almendras with manchego, the pisto and paella.. Of COURSE, we’re not just excited by the food. We’re really looking forward to playing tracks from the new record to our Spanish fans. We’re also really looking excited to catch up with Pablo from our great Spanish label ‘Rock Indiana’. He is one of the coolest and kindest guys you could ever wish to meet.

I hope some of you may be able to make the shows.

Jez, Michelle, Dana and Andrew

Brendan Benson

Brendan Benson at Koko. It rocked!

Hey all, went to see Brendan Benson last night and he was fantastic! For those who don’t know who he is, you should really check him out on Spotify.

He played loads of the best of his songs (he has a lot to choose from) and ended with a great cover of ‘Listen To Her Heart’ by Tom Petty.

Wierdly enough me and Brendan share a birthday. Perhaps we should have a joint party next year and both play.

What do you think?

Have a great weekend


Owl City

Hey all, it’s Jez here. I’ve just been listening to the Owl City album and wondered what you all thought of it out in Farrah land? I’m pretty sure only Farrah and Owl City have both written songs about dentistry (ours was called Famous Dentist) and a few people have said his stuff is similar to ours. I can’t really hear it that much myself. I liked the Fireflies single but the vocal FX on his voice all the way through the record started annoying me after a while. What the record does remind me of, is some Japanese J Pop (especially the sounds on Perfume’s last record) as well as the Postal Service, which many people are comparing it to.

Do you think it sounds like Farrah? Is it one of your favourite records? Drop a comment in if you have an opinion either way.

best to you all!


Studio Vlog

Hey everybody. Here’s a quick vlog from last month when the snow was falling!

Spring is in the air

Hey everyone, i hope all is well. Spring is coming don’t you think? it’s been a wet and snowy winter but i can sense something in the air. ‘Here comes the sun, did you think it was over’…..Hold on, those are lyrics from our new single which is coming out in April. It’s called Swings and Roundabouts. We’ve been putting together a great video for it by roping in friends of the band and getting them to sing along. It’s nearly finished. I hope you’ll all like it as much as we liked making it.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

Best to you all