A Late Night Vlog

Tokyo update

Tokyo update

Hi all, I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to update you on the Japanese promo trip.

After waking up at 5.30am from jetlag I was happy I had an easier day of promo yesterday. We went to a couple of the really big Tower records stores and met the buyers and had photos, signed the wall and all of that stuff. It was brilliant to see the record racked out and at the listening post. Then we went to a pre-recorded interview at Yokohama FM. They asked some great questions and Masa from Fabtone did a good job of translating my answers ( I hope!). I played Last Of The Innocents live in the studio as well although my voice was pretty tired.

After the interview we went to check out the club we’re playing in September. There was a band playing called (I kid you not) ‘Ogre You Asshole’ who are also on the Nano Mugen Festival. The club was perfect; great sound and good-sized stage. I can’t wait til September 12th.

I also found out that Farrah’s Stereotypes is Number 1 on Good morning Garage which is Tokyo’s most popular morning radio show.

I hope all is well with you all out there.

More news as soon as it happens…

Jez x


Hey all, here’s yesterdays vlog. They’ll be another today.

Jez x

full day!

Hi all, i’m close to flaking out in my hotel room. What a crazy day. It got gradually more surreal. The breakfast TV appearance was really fun (despite the 4am alarm call). I had to taste some food and pass judgement on the best veggie stuff. The winner of the three choices was tofu skin from a local restaurant- very tasty. The delightful Shelly was host of the show and spoke great English. I performed Last Of The Innocents live and acoustic which was a shock to the vocal chords at 7.30 am.

Straight after breakfast we were whisked off to feature on the top Rated Tokyo morning show- Good Morning Garage on Inter FM. It was a great show and they’ve been playing tracks from the new record. It’s so refreshing to meet DJs who play an eclectic playlist of great songs that isn’t dictated by a big corporate conglomerate.

The rest of day was full of meetings and interviews and I’ve been overwhelmed by all the hard work the label have put in. The last trip of the day was to Tower Records in Shibuya where the album was racked out and i even saw a punter buy a copy (i wanted to hug him) as the new record blasted out of speakers all over the store. Lovely staff there.

lt was hard work and fun too

If i can find a lead for my phone, i’ll upload some vids tomorrow.

jez x

early bird

Good morning! Still dark here and i’ve woken up at 3am instead of 4 am. My body is confused. Great day yesterday. Met all our lovely label at Fabtone head office and did some idents for radio stations that have been kind enough to play our record.I also got my haircut and had a wander around a very hot and humid Tokyo. Our hotel is right next to all the music shops. The temptation to buy a guitar is hard to fight!

This morning i’m appearing on the TV and performing ‘Last Of the Innocents’ from the new record, after that i’m a guest on Tokyo’s biggest morning Radio show. Then it’s a full day of interviews and promo with hopefully a large beer afterwards!

By the way, the Nano-Mugen compilation from the festival of the same name is at number 11 in the charts! Our song Stereotypes is track 3!

I’m shooting some vlogs but i forgot my lead to connect my phone to the computer. I’ll be looking today…..

Jez x

Virgin Upper Class

Hey all. hope all well, on my way to japan and somehow blagged our way into the virgin upper class lounge where everything is free and served by trained pandas. On my third glass of champagne. I think they’re starting to suspect i’m an imposter. Might get my converse shined before i leave.

jez x

Japan next week

Farrah 2009

Farrah 2009

Farrah 2009

Fabtone E-Flyer

I’m so excited to be heading to Tokyo on Tuesday! It’s a trip to promote the new record which comes out in Japan next week. Our new label have got lots of cool stuff lined up; A festival on a beach, a TV appearance, lots of interviews, A DJ set, and (most exciting of all), me and Michelle are going to play a short acoustic set at the Nano-Mugen festival! The festival is organized by a really massive (and very good) Japanese band called Asian Kung Fu Generation. Also appearing will be HardFi, Ben Folds and The Manic Street Preachers!

Should be an amazing trip.

I’ll post lots of stuff about it….

Hope you’re enjoying the sun


Nano Mugen

Massive Festival Appearance In Japan!

“STOP PRESS : The new album, simply entitled “Farrah”, is set for release in Japan on new label Fabtone Records on 8th July 2009! Jez and Michelle from Farrah will be making a special trip to Japan to help launch the album, before the full band tour which is taking shape for September. Jez and Michelle will be playing a few acoustic shows as a duo in July – including an appearance at the famous Nano-Mugen Festival in Yokohama on 20th July. They are very pleased indeed to have been invited by their friends Asian Kung-Fu Generation to appear alongside other artists such as Manic Street Preachers, Hard-Fi, Nada Surf, and Ben Folds. Said Jez “It’s amazing to be able to play at Nano-Mugen again, we had such a great time in 2005. We will be on stage first, only on 20th,so get down there early! We are playing acoustically, just the two of us, but we know everyone will help us by singing along – we can’t wait!” . Keep a lookout for other appearances in July in Japan, and for the dates for the September tour!

Muscle memory

Vibrasons 2009

Muscle memory Is a strange thing. We were rehearsing yesterday because we have a gig on May the 4th in Plymouth. As you can probably imagine, we’ve been really busy recording the new record so we haven’t been playing the other (50 plus!) songs in our repertoire.

Some songs we hadn’t played in over a year. Strangely though, if we didn’t think about it and let our muscles take over, it all came flooding back. As soon as I thought about which chord I was playing or which lyric I was singing, disaster ensued as my mind went blank.

We’re also learning the new record at the moment and some of the songs are really tricky to play. There are a couple of songs that are proving hard to crack- a song called Stereotypes and a song called Swings And Roundabouts. We’re concentrating on getting these polished up at rehearsal today. Both of these songs have lots of different parts on the record but in a live setting they have to be simplified. Poor Andrew is playing keyboards, singing and playing tambourine at the same time on Stereotypes. This is akin to rubbing your tummy, patting your head and reciting the alphabet backwards.

I’d best get learning the lyrics.

Hope your having a great weekend.

All the best


Abbey Rd

So hi everybody! I hope you are all doing great out there. I just thought I’d report back from the Farrah front line to tell you that the album is done and dusted!

We spent most of yesterday in Abbey Rd studios mastering the album. It’s always a bit like going to ‘Beatles church’ when you walk in to Abbey Rd, probably the most famous recording studio in the world. The air is redolent of the Fab Four. It was a really good day. It’s a nice way to finish up.

Now the work begins.

On Saturday we’re shooting a low budget video. This should be fun. I’m trying to locate a white Gibson flying V guitar. I am also going to wear a leather jacket.

The next few months we’re going to be learning the new songs and playing them live. We’ve got a lot of work to do!

The record sounds amazing. We worked really hard, ate a lot of curry and had some late nights. I really hope you like the record. We’re calling it ‘Farrah’. It seemed to fit somehow.