It’s a beautiful baby album!

After a long and complicated labour, all of Farrah are very excited to announce that the record is finally finished. The mixes were done last week only for us to discover strange clicks and pops on every song. We had to go back into the studio and do them all again. This took a mind-numbing 22 hours solid, as we had to copy all our settings over to a faster computer. Ben Wood was at the helm and me and Andrew were responsible for regular caffeine doses and spicy Indian food.

It was all worth it as we put the last mix to bed as a grey dawn broke outside. We go to Abbey Rd to master the album next week which will be fun.

It’s a beautiful day in London today. I feel a weight is lifting.

Jez x

Hurry up….

‘So, why does it take so long’?

I hear this question a lot when we’re making a Farrah record. People often assume that making an album takes a couple of weeks. I don’t know why they think this is. It’s not as if they think making a film takes a couple of weeks. Perhaps it’s just that there are more documentaries about ‘behind the scenes of the latest action blockbuster’ and not that many about making records.

So why does it take so long? Because we dick around. That’s why. Actually that isn’t strictly true but having access to a great recording studio when we want it actually slows down the process somewhat. We can tinker. We can try some things out. Anyway, it’s not just us! The Beatles spent 6 months making Sergeant Pepper. This was using 2 or three studios at the same time. The latest U2 record took over 2 years to make. Boston took 4 years, Def Leppard took three ( I admit they had a problem with a drummer who lost an arm during the recording) and all the bands I’m talking about had a producer or two and some engineers, tea boys, tea ladies, catering, -Oh, and they didn’t have other stuff to do as well. ‘Sorry, Bono, I can’t lay down any guitars this week as I’m stripping the wallpaper in my flat’.

So what’s the most time consuming aspect of it? Well, song selection takes a while. This is where we decide which songs are good enough for the record. This involves a lot of arguing and jaffa cakes. This also involves us writing songs.

Preproduction is where we try out the songs in different structures, grooves, time signatures, keys and dynamics. This usually doesn’t take forever because we all have good ideas and tend to agree on which sounds best. However, if a song has 30 chords, then there’s a lot to forget- oops, I mean remember.

The recording. This takes a while. The drums and bass go down pretty quickly but the other instruments can take a long time. This is because we try different sounds and textures and sometimes get friends to play things as well. Some songs are easy and may only have 10 tracks of stuff, but one song on this record has 96 tracks of audio and is 6 minutes long (it’s the closing track) so even if everything is played right first time that’s 96×6, which is many hours of recording.

We’re a band that likes backing vocals and working out those takes a while. I take forever tweaking lyrics and redoing lead vocals (the luxury of having a studio again…) and remember that we’re engineering and producing it ourselves.

Mixing takes a couple of weeks and you’ll be pleased to know that this is where we are now!

So, we started the song selection last July, started pre-production in August and recording in September. We’ve been working on the record on and off ever since. Just over 8 months. Not so long really. Not if you want to make something that is your best record. Which this is. By far.

New Year Video Vloggings

Purple Turtle Flyer

So far we’ve spent every day of 2009 in the studio!


Some photos…

Dana in his giant fishtank

Michelle & Jez do Backing Vocals

Jez - Another day at the office

Andy shredding - Concentrating or stroppy?

The Office Christmas Party

from the studio.


More vlogging in the studio.

Heading North for The Wellingtons

Hello all,

I thought i’d take a moment to plug our labelmates The Wellingtons. Their new album “Heading North For The Winter” was released last week in the UK. It’s ace.

If you like the punky-pop-rock side of Farrah then you’re probably going to love their stuff too. I suggest you buy it immediately!


Meanwhile, back in our studio things are progressing at the usuall Farrah-like rate…


How you you stay young?

Signs I haven’t grown up.

I will fashion my hair into a ‘Shampoo-Mohican’ when I wash it.

I kick up leaves.

I am tempted to shoplift.

I will put an unattended tea cosy on my head

I still don’t like going to school.

I like to cycle non handed.

On cold days when my breath freezes I will pretend I’m a steam train.

I still like swings and roundabouts.

I still find anything to do with breaking wind amusing.

On long car journeys I will ask ‘are we there yet?’

I am messy.

I mimic people.

I pull faces at myself in the mirror.

I go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahhh’ at firework displays.

I play my music too loud.

What do you do to keep the inner child entertained?

Studio Update

Now then everyone. I hope all is well.

Recording is going great at Diversion Studios. Dana has been laying down some more monster grooves and Michelle has added some thundering bass. The songs we’ve recorded so far are an eclectic bunch – from skiffle to rock (and visiting New-Wave on the way). By the end of the month we’re hoping to have some snippets on the site to whet your appetite.

I managed to blow up a Vox and a Marshall last week (too much two finger tapping probably)but i’m expecting them back and repaired any day this week so i can add some big guitars to the mix. I even played the guitar that Bachman Turner Overdrive wrote ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’ last week (thank Jimmy K!). For guitar nerds, it’s the one Andrew is playing in the Fear Of Flying Video.

We’ve also got a gig this friday 24th at The Albany on Great Portland St W1. We’ll be ‘road testing new material’ as they say in the biz. i hope you can make it down.

all the best


Recording news

Hello all, i hope you enjoyed the last remnants of summer. I just thought i’d keep you posted about news on the new record. We’ve recorded 6 songs so far although i’m still re writing lyrics and tweaking things. The songs are turning out really well so far. We’re ambitiously hoping to record about 20 in all and then decide which ones fit together best.

The show the other week was such fun that we’re doing a couple more on the 10th of Oct and the 24th of Oct. Check out the gigs page for details! We’re also planning a very special Christmas show with details TBC.

I’m sorry about the lack of vlogging recently. I left my phone (with dinky video camera) on the bus after a heavy night on the guinness. My replacement phone only has a one pixel camera and is steam powered. We’ll get something sorted out soon though!

That’s all folks

Jez x

Last Night

Lojinx Presents...

Thanks so much for everyone for coming out last night to the show. I had a great time. We hadn’t played a gig for a while and it was fun to try out a couple of new songs from the new record. It was a fantastic lineup of bands- The Wellingtons were brilliant, The Magic Bullet Band made me wish i lived in Laurel Canyon in the mid 70s. They’ve got a song called In The Doghouse which i could listen to 24/7. Henrik’s atmospheric and beautiful songs were a really cool end to the night.

I drank 100 pints of guinness.


we should do it again sometime.