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Vote Farrah

Take a few minutes to vote for “Tongue Tied”, first at BBC2 on Dermots show here:

And also vote for the video here:

Every vote helps!

New Single – Tongue Tied

To coincide with their June tour Farrah will be releasing the single “Tongue Tied” in the UK. Backed with album track “High and Low” and the previously unreleased track “Starman”.


Phantom Planet

On Air

We are extremely pleased to confirm that Farrah will be supporting Phantom Planet on their small UK tour in June!!

  • 7th June Mean Fiddler, London
  • 8th June Leadmill, Sheffield
  • 9th June Fleece, Bristol cancelled

The dates go to make June a good month for Farrah gigs with other shows confirmed for:

  • 15th June Glaz’Art, Paris, France
  • 21st June Water Rats, London
  • 22nd June Roadhouse, Manchester
  • 23rd June Actress & Bishop, Birmingham
  • 24th June Man In The Moon, Cambridge
  • 25th June Fibbers, York

More details here.

Nano-Mugen Festival @ Yokohama Arena

roll up roll up


Mod-ern girl


Due to the success of the Hanson tour, the band have persuaded their UK label Lojinx to sell the album at an amazing £8 +P&P (with a free sticker, badge and CD single while stocks last) for the NEXT 2 WEEKS ONLY (midnight 20th April). So if you haven’t yet got your copy, now is the time to buy!

Get it here: www.lojinx.com/shop

The Bad Machines debut album

take off

On Michelle’s days off from Farrah she is the singer in her other band The Bad Machines. Their debut album has been announced and will be released in May.

They’re are also planning a small tour of the UK so head over to www.thebadmachines.com to find out when and where.

It sounds nothing like Farrah, but it’s a great record and we’re all really looking forward to seeing her front the band live!

FARRAH Support HANSON Starting Next Week!

Campbell Rock







Big Bass

Garfield Rocks

Breaking news just in! FARRAH are confirmed as Special Guests to Hanson at:

  • Glasgow Academy ( 24 March )
  • Manchester Academy ( 25 March )
  • London Astoria ( 27 March ),
  • Birmingham Academy ( 28 March )
  • London Mean Fiddler ( 31 March ).

More details on the gigs page. Tickets are available from www.gigsandtours.com. More news as it happens….

iTunes Single of The Week – FREE DOWNLOAD!!

Serious Work


Bass Thing

More Tea

New Knob Twidler

Locked Away in Silence

Action Shot

Farrah’s track “Tongue Tied” has been selected by Apple as Single Of The Week on iTunes from Tuesday 15 March to Tuesday 22 March.

The track is featured on the iTunes homepage and is available to download FOR FREE! Download it here

iTunes works on both Mac and PC and can be downloaded for free here.


Up All Night @ The Spice Of Life

“me too” is now available on iTunes!! Get it here: Me Too